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Torah.Global is a free private community. Powered by YHWH, built for the faithful in Messiah.

Fellowship Finder

Our powerful fellowship finder allows you to search by location, filter results, view relevant members by map, list or grid, see when members joined and were last active and more.

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Community Dashboard

The Community Dashboard, or “Activity Feed” provides a quick view of recent community activities, interactions, and more.

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User Profiles

Members can upload avatars, edit profiles and view other members’ profiles. Profiles now show “joined” and “last active” dates.

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Events has been one of our most requested features. All users can create events, search for events via map, list or grid, and share events with others in their community.

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Direct Messages

Members can send private messages to one member or a group of members.

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Member Groups

Members can create private, public or hidden groups and have full control of how new group members can join. Group members can share updates, documents, photos and more.

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Members can share pictures, links, and documents on their profiles and groups with custom privacy settings.

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Friends & Followers

Members can view, follow and friend each other.

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